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I'm Paulette Hutterer

Originally from Antwerp, Belgium, I am passionate about diamonds and helping people find the perfect diamond for any occasion. I grew up in the diamond business, with two family members who were presidents of the Diamond Club in New York and the Diamond Kring of Antwerp. At a young age, I became a manager of the Office of the President of the Diamond Bourse, the most prestigious Diamond Club in the world.

NYC Private Jeweler is an elite diamond consulting service, whose goal is to connect clients with diamonds, which have been tailored to their needs.

As an Internet-only company, NYC Private Jeweler offers the best price possible, because with no retail overhead costs associated with traditional jewelry stores. As a result, customers receive the biggest savings available for all types and sizes of loose diamonds available.

DISCLAIMER: NYC Private Jeweler is NOT a United States Securities Dealer or U.S. Investment adviser. NYC Private Jeweler is a Consultant and makes no warranties or representations as to the Buyer or Transaction. All due diligence is the responsibility of the Buyer. This website is never to be considered a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content, simply for information.


NYC Private Jeweler


Available in 18k yellow gold or platinum.


Diamonds from NYC Private Jeweler are available in a wide range of conflict-free Fancy colors with IGI Certificate, a world-renowned independent organization, and with laser inscription matching the certificate. Available in a full spectrum of hues, from fancy vivid to fancy light in pink, blue and yellow colors. Sizes ranging from 1.00 carat to 3.00 carats.

However, the end-product is a real diamond in every sense. All the physical, chemical, optical and atomic properties of a lab-grown diamond are identical to those of a naturally-mined one. It is also graded by gemological institutes on the 4 Cs used for naturally mined diamonds. Truth be told, it is an impeccable, financially savvy alternative to naturally mined diamonds.

Security Seal

Upon request, your diamond is sealed in a secure and tamper-proof container. A summary of the IGI Diamond Report is enclosed within the seal and is visible from the back of the seal. Once opened, the IGI Seal will show a chemically generated pattern, evidencing that the seal has been broken.

LaserscribeĀ® provides an easy way to identify your diamond

Your diamond was possibly laser inscribed with the IGI Report number. Diamond laser inscription is the process of using a very fine and precise laser beam to write a report number or even a personalized message on the girdle – the outside circumference – of the diamond.